Call for Proposals: Research Scans on Contemporary Issues in Transfer

Funding Opportunity

Apply for funding to conduct a Transfer Research Scan to help inform ONCAT’s strategies, and aid in the development of more seamless transfer practices in Ontario postsecondary education system. Projects can include environmental scans, literature reviews and/or exploratory research (i.e. informational interviews) on contemporary issues in transfer outlined below.

Areas of Focus

ONCAT is commissioning environmental scans, literature reviews and/or exploratory research (ie. informational interviews) in the areas listed below.
  • Transfer+Apprenticeship: A review of research on student mobility and prior learning/credit recognition to and from apprenticeship programs across various jurisdictions, along with the policy structures that facilitate such movement.
  • Transfer+Industry-based Professional Development: A review of existing pathways between industry-based professional development (including micro-credentials and “badges”) and PSE programs.
  • Transfer+“Third” Sector: A review of the role of innovative initiatives led (or funded) by philanthropic organizations (e.g., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation) focusing on transfer policy development and practice.
  • Transfer+Data Infrastructure: A review of advanced data infrastructure in North American and other jurisdictions (e.g. the Texas PK-16 Public Education Information Resource [TPIER]) facilitating longitudinal tracking of students.
  • Transfer+Student Information Systems (SISs): An analysis of Student Information Systems in use across Ontario PSE, along with their capacity to track transfer student data (ie.PeopleSoft, Workday, Salesforce, other SISs) , and actual usage of such capacities by staff.
  • Transfer+Mental Health Supports: An exploration of the relationship between transfer and student mental health, and the unique challenges faced by transfer students with mental health needs. 
  • Transfer+Post Graduate Certificates: An exploration of institutional transfer practices related to post graduate certificates in Ontario.
  • Policy to Practice Analysis: An analysis of institutional uptake of national protocols and approaches related to transfer (e.g. ARUCC-PCCAT Transcript and Transfer Guide, CMEC Pan-Canadian Protocol) by and impact on the Ontario postsecondary educational institutions. 

Key Components/Deliverables

  • A 15-20 page report.
  • Presentation - upon request - at ONCAT’s office (travel funding provided).
  • We anticipate projects will be completed by December 2020


  • Postsecondary institutions in Ontario (Colleges, Universities and Indigenous Institutes),are eligible to apply. This funding opportunity is open to early career researchers, doctoral candidates (must have coursework and qualifying exams completed) or post-doctoral researchers  at postsecondary institutions in Ontario (Colleges, Universities and Indigenous Institutes)

Funding available

  • Grants between $12,000 - $15,000. Additional funding will be considered depending on the scope and type of project.