Indigenous Institutes Transfer Operations and Capacity Funding


ONCAT supports postsecondary institutions to make transfer processes responsive to the current and emerging needs of transfer student. A priority area for ONCAT is to support more seamless transfer across the postsecondary system through improved pathways between Indigenous Institutes, colleges, and universities; responsive to the needs of Indigenous transfer students. Another priority area includes improving transfer processes, within institutions and along the transfer student journey, with a focus on improving admissions, transfer advising and transfer credit recognition and assessment practices and processes. As part of such system improvements, ONCAT also recognizes the unique personal and structural barriers that Indigenous students face, both in their pursuit of postsecondary education and as transfer students. Similarly, there is also a need to increase awareness of Indigenous Institute credentials and courses, and support the expansion of pathways between Indigenous Institutes and other publicly-assisted postsecondary institutions in Ontario.  

As Indigenous Institutes expand curricular and program offerings, including stand alone programs, ONCAT is committed to support IIs to develop these opportunities with transferability in mind. To support these efforts, ONCAT has developed a funding strategy focussed on strengthening Indigenous Institute transfer operations. This funding supports internal capacity and operating needs related to transfer, and ensures stand alone programs embed transferability into their design, and facilitates better inclusion of IIs in Ontario’s transfer system.

Areas of Focus

  • Increased representation and participation in the Ontario transfer system: participating in ONCAT strategies, working with other PSE stakeholders on transfer strategies
  • Clearly articulated and responsive transfer policies: Development of institutional-wide policies and governance models that provide strategic direction for transfer credit and student mobility initiatives
  • Transfer Student Supports: develop and implement transfer student-specific services and supports to help ensure smooth transition and academic success as incoming or outgoing transfer students
  • Transfer Data and Information Systems: Develop and strengthen capacity to record, track and report transfer student data
  • Pathway Development and Maintenance: Increase pathway options for Indigenous Institute students
  • Building transferability into new programs: as Indigenous Institutes develop new programs or begin to offer programs independently, building in transferability

Through this funding, ONCAT is working with Indigenous Institutes to take stock of the current state of transfer policies, student supports, data/reporting, pathways and sector engagement, identify priority action areas, and begin to implement strategies and interventions.


  • Funding will generally range from $10 000-$75 000 per Indigenous institute per year.
  • In addition, Indigenous Institutes can apply for research, transfer pathways, seamless transfer and other funding opportunities at ONCAT to support specific projects.


  • Indigenous Institutes are eligible for this funding opportunity.