MyCreds is an innovative digital credential platform that allows students and graduates to share their transcripts, academic documents, badges, credentials, and micro-credentials with postsecondary institutions, government, employers, and third parties. Documents issued through MyCreds are tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official. By improving the convenience and security for exchanging academic documents, MyCreds will facilitate greater opportunities for learner mobility across the entire postsecondary sector. 

The MyCreds initiative is led by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) and endorsed by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), the provincial registrars’ associations, eCampusOntario, and more than 25 postsecondary institutions across Canada. 

Focus and Activities 

MyCreds Onboarding Grants support a postsecondary institution’s integration with MyCreds, a digital platform for academic credentials.  

MyCreds Onboarding Grants are intended to support postsecondary institutions that are joining the platform for the first time. Postsecondary institutions that have already onboarded to MyCreds can apply to ONCAT Capacity Grants to support further implementation of XML document capabilities. 

Postsecondary institutions that receive a MyCreds Onboarding Grant will receive the following:  

  • Funding to support institutional implementation of MyCreds 
  • Onboarding support from ARUCC 


  • Any publicly assisted college, university, and Indigenous Institute in Ontario is eligible to apply for a MyCreds Onboarding Grant. 
  • Institutions must enter into a Service Agreement with ARUCC.  
  • Institutions must commit to complete the onboarding process within 6 months of receiving a MyCreds Onboarding Grant. 

Funding and Budgets 

  • You can request a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $25,000 in funding for the project.  
  • MyCreds Onboarding Grants cannot be used to pay for any onboarding or licensing fees. 
  • Review the Budget Guidelines for information about eligible expenses. 


  • As a first step, contact ARUCC to learn more about the onboarding process. 
  • When your institution is at the stage of entering a Service Agreement with ARUCC, you can submit an application via ONCAT’s online grant portal. 
  • Institutions can apply any time between November 23, 2023, and February 15, 2024. 
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. 
  • We encourage you to allow sufficient time before the deadline to familiarize yourself with the online grant portal and to secure authorizations from senior administrators at your institution.

Click here to apply for ONCAT grants

Contact Us 

  • If you have questions about the application process or online grant portal, contact Inna Yeranosyan, Grants and Projects Specialist.  
  • If you have questions about project eligibility or details, contact Nick Hanson, Director of Research, Data, and Funding.  


ONCAT is funded by the Government of Ontario. All programs and details are subject to change without notice.