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Jul 17, 2023
Tianna Thompson
We know that many learners take less conventional pathways through postsecondary education and that credit transfer…
Strategic Plan
Jun 22, 2023
Report Release
ONCAT has developed a new Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 through consultations with staff, board members, representatives…
Jun 09, 2023
News Release
Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer Supports Postsecondary Students to Overcome Pandemic Learning Challenges…
Mar 21, 2023
Nicolas Boileau, Researcher
In the postsecondary sector, deficit thinking and narratives about transfer students are unfortunately common. For…
Dec 15, 2022
Trading Places: The Flow of Students into and out of Apprenticeship Programs   Dr. Nicole Malette and Dr. Karen Robson…
Nov 17, 2022
Meet the ON-Cats
Meet the ON-Cats is a recurring interview series profiling ONCAT’s A-team of transfer experts and aficionados. Grab a…
Nov 17, 2022
Rod Missaghian, Meryl Borato
Research by Stephen Tedesco and Heather Daoust, Nipissing University  Transfer is often considered a niche area within…
Oct 18, 2022
Wendy Dong
Transfer Student Voices
Transfer changes lives. Wendy's story describes the reasons why she and her fellow classmates chose to transfer to…
Oct 18, 2022
Transfer Student Voices
Transfer changes lives. For Chris-Anne, transfer helped her kickstart a new career in acupuncture. Community Animator…
Oct 17, 2022
Vishalinee Barendra
Transfer Student Voices
Transfer changes lives. Vishalinee's story describes her experience finishing her second undergraduate degree while…
Oct 14, 2022
Transfer Student Voices
Transfer changes lives. Fisher's story is just one. Prior to transferring, Fisher had a hard time finding his footing…