Transfer Allowed this Student to Find her Purpose

Vishalinee Barendra

Transfer changes lives. Vishalinee's story describes her experience finishing her second undergraduate degree while coping with Canadian winters and a desire to give meaning and purpose to her family's sacrifices. 

In her own words, Vishalinee talks about her transfer experience:

"For my first undergraduate degree, I started at York, dropped out and took a gap year to work on my mental health. Then I applied to University of Toronto Scarborough and finished a degree in Social Anthropology and Human Geography. For my second undergraduate degree, I studied at Oshawa Tech and then transferred to York for a degree in Psychology. As a mental wellness researcher with an emphasis on compassion, I find that the best way to communicate an idea is by telling a story."

As part of our commitment to highlighting transfer student voices, ONCAT developed the Community Animators on Transfer (CAT) program. The program funds Ontario transfer students to develop media projects that share their experiences, insights, and tips with other students.

What follows is Vishalinee's story. 


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