Transfer Helped this Student Find his Path

Transfer changes lives. Fisher's story is just one.

Prior to transferring, Fisher had a hard time finding his footing in university. Transfer allowed him to take a step back from postsecondary and reenter with a renewed sense of passion and focus. Fisher is now well on his way to completing the acupuncture program at Georgian College, and transfer helped him land on this path to success. 

Students like Fisher are sharing their experiences to let other students struggling with postsecondary know that they aren't alone and that transfer could be the solution to the challenges they're facing.

In this video, Fisher tells the story of how he transferred from university to college. 

As part of our commitment to highlighting transfer student voices, ONCAT developed the Community Animators on Transfer (CAT) program. The program funds Ontario transfer students to develop media projects that share their experiences, insights, and tips with other students.