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At ONCAT we recognize the diversity of stakeholders in Ontario's postsecondary system. To ensure credit transfer and student mobility is developed in a way that serves and represents all these various parties, we bring together stakeholders in facilitated groups and communities of practice. ONCAT contact for these groups: Carolyn Poplak, Project Lead: Collaborations & Community Programs,

Faculty Fellows


Faculty play an essential role in the student experience of transfer. ONCAT’s Faculty Fellows program was piloted in 2016-17 to support faculty members interested in advancing a culture of transfer in their institutions, while also helping ONCAT to understand faculty members’ perspectives. Following a success pilot, ONCAT has continued to fund Faculty Fellows for 2017-18 in three main areas:

  • Increasing institutional knowledge about transfer-related data and transfer student experience in their Faculty/department/ institution;
  • Improving academic processes related to evaluating transfer credits and working with transfer students; and,
  • Sharing emerging models of successful student mobility initiatives.

Faculty Fellows engage in a number of activities, including working collaboratively with administrators, academic colleagues, and student groups to improve transfer processes; exploring innovative approaches to academic governance or curriculum development as it relates to transfer; and/or developing tools/resources that support faculty roles in the transfer process.

Successful past and present Fellows represent a variety of Institutions including La Cité Collégiale, Université de Hearst, Lakehead University, Seneca College, St. Clair College, University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, Canadore College, Trent University and Collège Boréal.

Francophone and Bilingual Institutions Steering Committee

Committee members work together to promote an exchange of best practices between Francophone and bilingual institutions, to target and reduce barriers to Francophone student mobility, and to recommend new articulation/pathway models between institutions and other francophone or bilingual partners. Members include Collège Boréal, Collège Universitaire Dominicain, Collège Universitaire Glendon, La Cité collégiale, Université de Hearst, Université Laurentienne, Université d’Ottawa, Université Saint Paul, Université de Sudbury.

Learning Outcomes Steering Committee

A working group of member representatives who are developing a better understanding of the role of learning outcomes in the credit transfer process and how they can improve existing and future pathways. As part of this work, ONCAT’s multi-year “The Learning Outcomes for Transfer – Publication Project” aims to assess critically the theoretical and conceptual foundations, assumptions, and implications of using learning outcomes for the purposes of credit transfer and student mobility. An international, large-scale assessment of outcomes-based approaches has been conducted, from which preliminary implications and recommendations for the Ontario context have been composed.

Northern Institutions’ Pathways Steering Committee (NOSC)


Supports the development and continuation of an integrated strategy to create student pathways and enhance institutional collaboration among Northern institutions in Ontario. NOSC focuses on:

  • Encouraging dialogue about new ideas and initiatives to support Northern students and students who study in the North; and,
  • Exploring and creating pathways and support networks for Indigenous students and underrepresented groups throughout the post-secondary spectrum in the North.

NOSC membership includes 2 representatives from the six Colleges and four Universities of northern Ontario. These include Algoma University, Cambrian College, Canadore College, Collège Boréal, Confederation College, Lakehead University, Laurentian University, Nipissing University, Northern College, and Sault College.

Transfer Advisor Group (TAG)

Transfer advisors, at both sending and receiving institutions, are often times students’ first official point of information when making decisions about transfer. TAG’s role is to establish and support a community of transfer advisors across the province to address transfer issues that may impact students and explore possible solutions. TAG maintains an on-going dialogue on student mobility with a focus on:

  • Sharing promising practices and successes across institutions;
  • Building capacity among individual advisors and those working directly with students;
  • Identify issues from a student affairs/admissions perspective; and,
  • Knowledge mobilization and data driven practices
ONCAT Transfer Advisers Group (TAG) Feb 2019
Transfer Committees

Comprised of representatives from a specific discipline (English, History, Engineering, Game Education, or Business), drawn from the colleges and universities that offer at least one credential in that field of study. They act as a platform for information sharing and discussion on student mobility in the discipline. Industry and accreditation bodies also participate in committees when relevant, such as within the Engineering Transfer Committee. This past year the formation of two new transfer committees began, in the areas of Community Services and Biology/Biotech.

Student Advisory Board

Comprised of representatives from the provincial student associations (CFS-ON, CSA, OUSA), the board provides advice on the on-going operational activities of ONCAT, and advises on the development of new ideas and initiatives to enhance and support student mobility, including credit transfer information products.

Student Transfer Expert Panel (STEP)

STEP members are current students or recent graduate (last two years) that have transferred at least once in their academic journey in Ontario. As representatives of the community ONCAT serves, STEP provides valuable feedback on ONCAT activities, including but not limited to:, research initiatives, committees,  governance, projects, and granting. To ensure the student voice is front and center, STEP assists ONCAT in liaising with Ontario postsecondary students as needed and/or provides advice to ONCAT on how to engage students effectively.

ONCAT Student Transfer Expert Panel 2019

Left to right: Roya Matsui (Waterloo), Anthony Marcelino (Sheridan), Lauren Mulligan (Fanshawe), Jocelyne Mitchell (York)