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ONCAT supports the postsecondary system in Ontario to develop in-demand and student-centred pathways, implement consistent and transparent transfer practices and ensure evidence-driven transfer system improvements.


Did You Know that ONCAT Offers Funding for Transfer Projects & Initiatives?

We provide funding to publicly assisted postsecondary institutions, researchers and transfer students for projects and initiatives that will help improve the transfer system. We work directly with our many stakeholders to support not only research that improves transfer system planning, but also pathway development projects, and enhancing institutional processes to meet the needs of transfer students.

Funding Student Mobility Research and Implementing System-level Strategies

ONCAT supports research as well as applied projects that can help inform better practices across the transfer system in Ontario. This includes research on transfer, pilot projects, and collaborative strategies that support policy and practice changes and interventions that affect the credit transfer system as a whole.


Funding Opportunities

Funding for Improving Transfer Processes at Ontario Postsecondary Institutions:

ONCAT works with postsecondary institutions to improve internal transfer processes. ONCAT has funding opportunities that support these improvements including enhancing data reporting, improving transfer administration processes and onboarding to digital transcripts. We also work directly with Indigenous Institutes to explore and implement transfer system strategies.


    Funding Opportunities:

    • MapIt and MapIt Phase 2: Funding to conduct transfer process maps and implement process improvements (MapIt Phase 1: $10,000, MapIt Phase 2: $25,000 - $100,000) - Please check our website for next cohort of MapIt Phase 1 Funding.
    • DataPilot and DataPilot Phase 2: Funding to enhance data reporting capacity and track/measure transfer student outcomes (DataPilot Phase 1: $30,000 - $55,000, DataPilot Phase 2: $50,000 - $75,000).
    • Indigenous Institutes Transfer Operations and Capacity: Funding to support transfer capacity and operations at Indigenous Institutes ($50,000 - $75,000 per Indigenous Institute per year).
    • MyCreds Onboarding Funding and MyCreds Phase 2 Funding: Funding to onboard digital transcripts to MyCreds ($10,000 - $25,000) - Please check our website for next cohort of MyCreds Phase 1 Funding

    Funding for In-demand Pathways for Students:

    Interested in developing, scaling or remodelling pathways to support student success? ONCAT supports cross-institutional collaboration to develop pathways that respond to student demand, including experiences of under-represented learners and connecting students to regional and/or labour market opportunities.


    Funding Opportunities:

    • Transfer Pathways: Funding to support development of in-demand pathways ($10,000 - $75,000).


    Reports and Check-ins 

    ONCAT is committed to learning with its partners and values open and ongoing communication. If you are successful in receiving a grant, the following check-ins and reporting are generally required: 

    • Preliminary Update.
    • An interim update and financial report. 
    • Check-ins on the project as needed (via email and/or in person). 
    • A final report and detailed financial statement. 
    • Project-specific Deliverables (e.g., Research report, summary report, copies of tools/templates developed). Please note that the reports may be shared with the Province to support Provincial Policy initiatives.
    • Presentations (if needed) during knowledge mobilization events. 
    To help project teams carry out their projects and prepare their work to share with others, ONCAT has developed several resources, which are available to download below:
    Budget Guidelines
    Budget Template: