Accelerated Curriculum for Transfer Opportunities Pathways (ACTOP)

University of Ottawa (Saint Paul University)
P. Bélanger
S. Stuart
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The objective of this project is to develop bilingual accelerated pathways between specific technical communication-related programs at both Algonquin and La Cité, and Saint Paul University’s Social Communication Honour’s B.A. program via innovative new forms of intensive curriculum delivery, thereby enabling transfer students in these programs to complete their Degree more rapidly in the official language of their choice. In today’s employment market, many managerial positions require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Those in possession of technical diplomas and who later desire career progression have to make a difficult decision: return to education or accept the limitations. The opportunity to combine a bachelor’s degree (theory) with a college diploma (technical) potentially eliminates that choice, and better prepares individuals for stronger career trajectories in their chosen field. The newly developed pathways permit students to potentially complete their certificate studies at either college in two years and then complete 60 university credits within a further calendar year, in either official language thus obtaining a B.A. (Honours) in Social Communication at Saint Paul University.