The Degree and Credit Transfer Office: A profile of users and an evaluation of outcomes

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
U. McCloy
V. Baker
K. Williams
H. Decock
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Seneca College is a recognized leader in the field of student transfer and pathways, both nationally and internationally, not just because of its focus on numbers of agreements, but also because of its comprehensive student advising, advocacy, assessment, and development of quality pathways. The Degree and Credit Transfer Office (DCTO) at Seneca provides a variety of integrated services to prospective and current students and alumni. These services include degree transfer advisement on new and existing program pathways – diploma to diploma, diploma to degree, and degree to graduate studies –and connecting students with other resources and information to support their academic goals. The transfer outcomes of Seneca students who have used the DCTO services makes for an ideal case study, with findings that could benefit other colleges and universities. Seneca’s DCTO was established in 2001 after some investigation pointed to a gap in the provision of information for students. At the time, nearly 44% of incoming students indicated that they planned on pursuing further education after completing their program at Seneca (36% at a university) and yet few services existed to support students interested in obtaining further education...