Formalizing Transfer Student Supports for Indigenous Learners (Phase 2)


The purpose of this project was to build on the work completed in the "Formalizing our Commitment to Indigenous Learners" project. As the first phase of the previous project came to a close, Confederation College, Canadore College, and Lakehead University had generated the first draft of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that contains actionable, collaborative items to enhance seamless transfer for Indigenous students. These actionable items have been informed by focus groups at all three partner institutions that consisted of students, faculty, support staff, and upper administration. As a result, the actionable items are primarily centred around the following four focal points: 

1) Building policies, procedures, and mechanisms for inter-institutional wrap-around supports identified by the project teams and focus groups; 

2) Building inter-institutional relationships between relevant departments and staff that focus on:  

(a) applying a more relational and Indigenous worldview centred approach to support service delivery and 

(b) providing a circle of care/support to Indigenous students to identify and transition students seamlessly between institutions as per their career and educational goals; 

(3) Exploring funding solutions to support seamless transfer with band funding officers and institutional financial support services; and 

(4) Updating and working with academic units, preferably using an inter-institutional collaborative approach, to update pathways between high-affinity credentials that have higher percentages of self identified Indigenous students. Additionally, identifying where barriers and gaps exist that prevent desirable credentials from having higher percentages of Indigenous students enrolling.