Honours Bachelors in Computer Science (HBSc) – University Transfer Option

Lakehead University
A. Heppner
The intent of this ONCAT funded project was to identify and develop multiple venues for credit transfer and increased mobility between the Lakehead University undergraduate and graduate level degree offerings in Computer Science and related Information Technology diploma programs in Ontario. The results of this project include the development/identification of: • Three diploma to degree block transfer agreements into the HBSc of Computer Science with three Ontario Colleges • Potential for the piloting a multi-lateral block transfer agreement for all diploma graduates of the two year Computer Programmer Diploma in Ontario pending the success of future block transfer students sent from the program specific pathways developed in this project • An acceptance agreement between Honours Bachelor degrees offered by an Ontario college and the Masters of Computer Science program at Lakehead University • An accelerated diploma/certificate for both HBSc and Masters level students seeking entry into a specific/specialized Information Technology (IT) industry The project benefited greatly from the input, efforts and expertise of many college faculty, administration and staff at Confederation College, Georgian College and Sheridan College.