Measuring the benefits for learners and college programs resulting from the acticulation of ACE and OSSD programming

Conestoga College
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Conestoga College ITAL (Conestoga) has built on the results and recommendations identified in the Enhancing Pathways to Postsecondary (June 2014) report to: • Undertake a study in 2014-2015 to determine the ways in which a transfer credit option impacts numbers of students participating in college upgrading programming and their subsequent movement to and success in postsecondary and apprenticeship programming, the effect on classroom and program management, and the broader implications for community referral protocols currently in place. and • Undertake a pilot project involving both colleges and school boards to determine how this transfer credit process benefits learners in both systems. A robust environmental scan (Appendix B), conducted in the initial phase of the project, provided data that resulted in some modification to the project focus. It was determined that the addition of a “foundational research phase”, concentrating on answering many of the questions which emerged during the scan process, was crucial. As a result of this project, colleges are poised to accept transfer credits for a limited and specific set of Ontario secondary school senior level courses for credit toward the granting of the Ontario community college Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) certificate. The partner colleges who participated in this project understand the value of this transfer credit pathway for adult students pursuing college postsecondary programs.