Multi-College Access to Postsecondary

Mohawk College, Sarah Harvie

The Multi College Access to Postsecondary (MCAP) project supported Mohawk College’s Centre for Community Partnerships and Experiential Learning (CCP&EL), which provides community-based, tuition-free courses for adults facing barriers to postsecondary education through City School by Mohawk, and the Dual Credit program (i.e., School College Work Initiative or SCWI) for high school students. City School’s flagship course, College 101, is a course recognized as a General Education Elective at Mohawk College, and is offered on a regular basis through both City School and Dual Credits/SCWI. The course focuses on essential skills for success and pathway planning for postsecondary education, providing students with a transitional stepping-stone to college through skill building and support.

The MCAP project has facilitated access to more options for students participating in College 101 to transfer their credit to participating institutions other than Mohawk College, enhancing their academic mobility and opportunity for academic success in colleges throughout the Golden Horseshoe region. These pathways are important as the City School initiative continues to grow outside of the City of Hamilton, and as College 101 continues to be offered in Dual Credit programming throughout the region. Students should have the freedom to choose the postsecondary institution that best meets their needs, unencumbered by geographical limitations. By bringing free credit-based programming directly into underserved communities and neighbourhoods, City School can leverage the institutional support of Mohawk College’s Access Strategy to serve more individuals, while now offering clear and navigable pathways to the students’ institutions of choice.