Proactive Retention Tools for Pre-University Pathway

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
G. Harvel
J. Percival
J. Stokes
A. Shah
J. Zakoor
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Some university applicants are not admissible to undergraduate study because of what the university deems a lack of preparation, largely evaluated on high school grade point average. If admitted, the students would be at risk of not achieving success due to a lack of preparedness for university-level academics. Currently, these students are refused admission, and must either upgrade academically, or look for options with less competitive admissions requirements. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Durham College (DC) have collaborated to develop an alternative pathway for students who are otherwise not admissible to the university. The pathway allows successful students to be eligible to earn university transfer credits concurrently with a pre-university program that will prepare them for admission to undergraduate study and academic success. The pathway specifically addresses communication and life skills related to academic success to improve the students’ preparedness for university level study in the fall without losing valuable time upgrading in high school...