A study of experience of Seneca transfers to York, including: motivating factors behind transfer, experience at both sending and receiving institutions, and recommendations

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
H. Decock
K. Janzen
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The purpose of this ONCAT funded research project was to better understand the decision-making processes of students moving between the two Ontario postsecondary sectors, in both directions, and to explore their transfer experiences by conducting focus groups with a randomly selected group of students who transferred between York University and Seneca College. The intention for the study was to gain a deeper understanding of the thought process of transferring students, beyond responses to typical close-ended survey questions. This qualitative research project aimed to answer the following three questions: 1. What are the motivating factors behind student transfer? 2. What are the experiences of transfer students with their sending and receiving institutions? 3. How might sending and receiving institutions improve the transfer experience for students?...