Transfer Pathways from Programs at La Cité and Collège Boréal to Two Programs at Saint Paul University

University of Ottawa (Saint Paul University)
La Cité Collégiale
Collège Boréal
J. Barrette
P. Bélanger
A. Dakroury
J. Rioux
S. Cloutier
C. Bilodeau
L. Frenette
J. Aghaby
J. Bédard
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All of the agreements submitted in the January 2016 project proposal have been achieved. There are a total of 10 separate college programs that benefit from an agreement to four honours bachelor’s degrees at Saint Paul University. Not only have we met our objectives, but have surpassed them by entering into seven agreements that were not in the January 2016 quote. The following college programs benefit from a first ever agreement with Saint Paul University: Early Childhood Education (LC1, CB2), Human Resources Management – Post-diploma (CB), Paramedic (LC, CB), Parajuriste (Paralegal) (LC) and Techniques de travail social – gérontologie (Social Services Technician – Gerontology) (LC). The rigorous and steadfast work of the various work teams helped with this project being successfully carried out through the establishment of seamless processes and regular communication between the various stakeholders, among other things. These stakeholders have developed practical tools to facilitate their work. The teams hope to be able to continue with this momentum in the coming years.