Transitioning to university: Best practices for college transfer bridging courses

Lakehead University
N. Luckai
R. Kushnier
C. Sampson
S. Prouty
A. Meer
A. Kyle
A. Tarsitano
A. Heppner
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This project was an integrated effort across many departments and services at Lakehead University and benefited from the support and assistance of faculty, administration and administrative support services for participating in and informing the multiple phases of this initiative. We would like to first and foremost thank the transfer students at Lakehead University for taking time to participate in the web survey, focus groups and pilot projects. Many students took time out from their studies to provide thoughtful, meaningful and, at times, quite frank input into developing some best practices regarding for future generations of transfer students. In addition, we would like to acknowledge those who played a key role in the development of this final report, including...