Unraveling the Knot: Understanding the Diverse Postsecondary Pathways of Toronto High School Students

McMaster University
K. Robson
R. Brown
R. Maier
M. Ranjbar
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We addressed three research objectives by examining data from the Toronto District School Board. These data were from a cohort of students (N=16,364) that were in Grade 9 in 2006 and were followed for eight years, until fall 2014. Included in these data were Ontario postsecondary application and enrolment information. Our research objectives and findings were as follows: 1. To what extent are students graduating high school and directly entering college or university? • Forty-seven percent of the cohort transitioned directly from high school to university, while 13% transitioned directly from high school to college. Over an additional three years of application cycles, 3% more students moved to postsecondary...