Transfer Faculty Advisors

ONCAT’s Transfer Faculty Advisors support the design and development of articulation committees. Articulation committees are formed around a particular subject of postsecondary study to review and increase course-to-course equivalencies within similar programs and support the development of transfer/articulation pathways. These committees aim to improve transfer opportunities for students by maximizing transfer credit recognition, where appropriate, and reducing duplication of commensurate previous learning.


Carol Bureau

Carol Bureau, Committee Member
Program Coordinator - BBA Marketing Management and Marketing Professor
Sheridan College

Carol Bureau is a Professor of Marketing and a Program Coordinator at the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College. In these roles, she has experienced the range of challenges associated with student transfers in both diploma and degree programs. Sheridan has been focused on learner-centric approaches to curriculum and pathways with the goals of eliminating boundaries and facilitating ongoing education. To support these goals, Carol has been actively involved in a variety of committee and project work focused on pathways, program standards, program reviews, and the foundational learning experience for students.

Carol Bureau

Marco Campagna, Committee Member
Professor and Coordinator, Algonquin College

Marco Campagna is a Professor of Business Communications and Coordinator of English and General Education electives in the School of Business at Algonquin College. His career at Algonquin College started in 2009, where he teaches Communications I, Communications II, Communication Dynamics, English Fundamentals, Art of Oratory, and The Science of Play.  Professor Campagna is an active faculty member in the School of Business at the college. For many years, he was part of the General Education Committee, and he remains closely involved in all things related to General Education. He wrote a popular General Education course and is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of a number of communications courses in the School of Business. He also worked on a semester-long initiative that ended in the recommendation and adoption of a new business communications textbook for the School of Business. Marco has been involved in biannual PQR/PQA reviews that focus on adherence to provincial standards at the course level (CLRs, EESs, assessments) as well as at the program level.

Julie Cross

Julie Cross, Committee Member
Program Coordinator - Child & Youth Care, Fanshawe College

As an Academic Coordinator of the Child and Youth Care Program, Julie Cross’s development of the Cross-Campus Collaboration Initiative has become a recognized standard for multi-campus program deliveries. With a Master of Education Degree specializing in distance education, Julie has contributed to the eLearning Strategy Committee and is a member of the eLearning Organizational Development group. She is in her second term as Vice Chair of College Council, where she has influenced practice and policy to optimize inter-departmental communication and co-operation. Provincially, Julie is an engaged member of the eCampusOntario Faculty Advisory Committee. In 2016, she was selected as an inaugural member of the Emerging Leaders cohort; she was a recipient of a 2018 President’s Distinguished Achievement Award; and was a nominee for the 2019 CICan Award of Excellence and the 2019 Y Women of Excellence Award. Through ONCAT, Julie worked to increase the ease of transfer between colleges for CYC students, making substantial contributions to the team that established two pathways for Child and Youth Care students. She also played a key role in developing a transfer tool that was presented at the 2017 ONCAT Student Pathways in Higher Education Conference as a model for multi-campus programs.

Louis Durand

Louis Durand, Committee Member
Professeur, Laurentian University

Louis Durand has been a Professor at the Faculty of Management at Laurentian University since 1991. Born in Quebec City, he owns a BA in Industrial Relations from Laval University and an MBA from Sherbrooke University. After a few years working in both private and public sectors as a Work Relations and Health and Safety Advisor, he started his career as a Faculty member at Laurentian University. Professor Durand’s primary research interests focus on the evolution of work relations and working conditions in Ontario in the last 20 years. As a member of the Faculty of Management, he’s also involved in agreements between Laurentian University and two French colleges, Collège Boréal and La Cité Collegiale, facilitating an integrated program (2+2) in Management to the francophone clientele of Ontario. Louis is a member of the Advisory Committee for Administration Programs at Collège Boréal.

Stevie Jonathan

Stevie Jonathan, Committee Member
Unit Manager, Six Nations Polytechnic

Stevie Jonathan is a Mohawk nation, Wolf clan woman of the Grand River. Her current role is the Unit Manager – University at Six Nations Polytechnic where she bridges her passion for language and cultural revitalization with Indigenous education excellence. Stevie has a background in Indigenous studies, psychology, and sociology. Stevie is a graduate from Western University’s Master of Professional Education in Educational Leadership - Indigenous Education. She is also an educator with experience in teaching in the Bachelor of Arts in Ogwehoweh Languages program. As an educator and leader in Indigenous education, she is guided by the principles of the Great Law and Hodinohsó:ni thought and philosophy. 

Shawn J. Richards

Shawn J. Richards, Committee Member
Program Coordinator & Professor for the Business Administration
Humber College

A devoted educator, curriculum developer, and marketing and educational consultant, Shawn J. Richards conveys information with clarity using learner-centred initiatives and builds and enhances programs with SMART objectives. Equipped with over 17 years of experience in Education and Program Management, as well experience facilitating courses at all levels, Shawn has experience with needs assessment, curriculum design, course implementation and program evaluation. Shawn also offers industry-changing consulting services to both private and public sector clients in the Caribbean, the U.S., and Canada. Most recently, he was selected as a member of Humber College Council (HCC) to represent the collective voice of the institution. He was also appointed as a Program Coordinator for the Business Management, Business Administration, and Business Administration Co-Op programs at the Humber College Lakeshore campus. Shawn holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from University of Technology (Jamaica).