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ONCAT Releases 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

June 22, 2023

ONCAT has developed a new Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 through consultations with staff, board members, representatives from Ontario's universities, colleges, and Indigenous Institutes, other members of the Ontario and Canadian postsecondary sectors and representatives from the Government of Ontario.

ONCAT has always focused on supporting students who wish to transfer within the postsecondary system in Ontario. The new strategic plan broadens and extends this focus to supporting learner mobility through the education-to-career journey, empowering learners to build on their previous education and work experience to achieve their personal, educational, and professional goals.

With learner mobility as the central focus of our work, ONCAT has identified the following priorities over the next three years:

  • Make Pathways through Postsecondary Education and Training and into the Labour Market More Transparent: ONCAT will provide a one-stop online gateway for students, workers and newcomers to survey the education-to-employment pathways available to them at any point in their career journey.
  • Improve Opportunities for Learner Mobility: ONCAT will fund the creation of new postsecondary pathways based on learner, regional and market demands and support projects that ease the mobility experience and build capacity of postsecondary partners to guide learners throughout their educational journey.
  • Understand Learner Mobility: ONCAT will conduct and commission research activities to attain a better understanding of emerging trends and needs in mobility, identifying key findings and best practices to inform the development of effective policies for student mobility.
  • Raise Awareness of Learner Mobility: ONCAT will ensure that all learners across the province are aware of their mobility options and the benefits of mobility to increase skills, knowledge and career opportunities.
  • Build ONCAT Capacity and Expertise - ONCAT will invest in the development of internal capabilities, systems and expertise that will empower ONCAT employees to continue to drive positive change and create new opportunities for learners in Ontario.