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Student Voices - My Transfer Experience

May 9, 2022 Authors: Constant Yen

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My transfer experience; How I got thru (and so can you!) By Constant Yen


The transition from high school to college is pretty big. And now transferring colleges meant I was about to start fresh again!


Which credits woud I be able to transfer? How does it all even work???!! Transfer is scary...


It was time to find out. Logging in to my new/prospective college's student portal.


TIP: find and make note of the college Registrar's phone number and email. Print the Transfer Credit Request Form online or ask for one at the Registrar in person! The office of the Registrar can be a helpful resource when it comets to transferring and general questions about the college.


Fill out the Transfer Credit form! Make sure you can match up a similar/equivalent cource at the new college with credits you already completed at the old college.


TIP: make sure you have a copy (physical or digital) of your syllabus or course outline of the credit you are requesting to transfer for the college/university to reference.


Email or submit your completed application + transcript ... and hope for the best!


Navigating a new physical and social environment can be tough... Getting involved through clubs, sports, or school events is a great way to make friends and get comfortable on campus outside of classes.


Some other useful tools via search allows you to compare pathways you might be interested in pursuing!


Connect with a Transfer Advisor via website. Search through up-to-date contact & key information for post-secondary institutions across Ontario!


In conclusion: Never be afraid to email or call! Transferring can be complicated and hectic! Good luck on switching schools!


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