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Indigenous Institutes Transfer Strategies 

April 18, 2022 Authors: Ana Skinner

Indigenous Institutes in Ontario are in a phase of growth, that includes expanding programs and granting their own degrees, diplomas, and other postsecondary credentials. With the passing of the Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017, institutes moved towards greater self-governance and are continuing to create postsecondary education programs that uphold Indigenous knowledge and support the needs of Indigenous students. With these shifts, the ability to design programs with transferability in mind is presenting a unique and exciting opportunity-one that can build more equity and transparency for students into the postsecondary education system.

ONCAT has been working with Indigenous Institutes to understand how transfer strategies can achieve important outcomes for Indigenous learners, communities and the postsecondary system. Examples include:

There are many projects and approaches being used by college, universities and Indigenous Institutes to strengthen pathways and student supports for Indigenous learners.  We invite you to check our Projects Search | ONCAT where you can access snapshots and reports, to learn more (see:

Ps. Did you know, we updated our website with recently completed projects? Check out the latest research, transfer pathways and seamless transfer strategies coming out of Ontario’s postsecondary system (see: Search | ONCAT)