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Shared Learning Session: Automated Articulation

October 27, 2020 Partners: Lakehead University

Update! Watch staff from the DataLab (at the Department of Computer Science at Lakehead University) explore the Pathw(AI): watch 15 minutes online or download the .mp4 below to watch the entire presentation. Download the presentation slides in the attachments section below.


Join us on Wed., Nov. 4, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. for our kick-off session over Zoom: Automated Articulation: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Course Mapping. The Pathw(AI) team at Lakehead University will be sharing a tool they have developed with the support of ONCAT to facilitate course mapping.

Automated Articulation: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Course Mapping

Many institutions have trouble finding the time and resources to develop or update outdated pathways. Join us for a presentation from the Pathw(AI) team at Lakehead University on new open-source software designed to start conversations between postsecondary partners and make pathway development more accessible through:

  • an online database where professors and administrators can upload and share
  • program/course information remotely and conveniently;
  • an artificial intelligence that compares the semantics of course level learning outcomes and matches highly related course content;
  • report generation and detailed analysis for pathway development stakeholders; and
  • interactive opportunities for context experts to refine and customize the similarities between high affinity programs.

The Pathw(AI) Team will demonstrate the ways the tool can help with pathway development. The presentation will be followed by a group discussion, facilitated by ONCAT, on tools, templates, and approaches to pathway development (such as course mapping, program mapping, and curriculum analysis) that participants are using. From this discussion, we will identify areas for which tools and templates would be useful and future Shared Learning Session opportunities to delve deeper.

After the session, if you are interested in exploring the Pathw(AI) tool further, the Lakehead team will provide you with a user account to log-in, try out the tool, and provide feedback. To preview Pathw(AI), check out this YouTube tutorial video: Pathw(AI): Project Tutorial.

For more information, please contact Ana Skinner, Manager, Funding Programs, at or (647) 637.8501

ONCAT Shared Learning Sessions create opportunities for ONCAT-funded grantees to share learning, tools, and strategies to promote credit transfer system transformation. Sessions are developed directly in response to areas of interest identified by our grantees. These new presentations and discussions are an excellent way to hear from colleagues across the sector involved in pathway development, research, and action projects focused on improving transfer processes in Ontario. Please contact ONCAT with any questions or for more information.