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Invitation to ONCAT Transfer Advisor Group

September 29, 2017

To: Ontario University and College Vice-President Academics
From: Alana Wiens, Policy and Programs Director, ONCAT

ONCAT would like to invite a representative from your institution to participate in a new Community of Practice for Transfer Advisors. This group will focus on issues that affect the institutions and students they serve, and also explore possible solutions.

This new committee stems from our recent Day, where college and university transfer advisors from across Ontario institutions convened in Toronto to discuss various topics related to student mobility, including how to promote pathways, pathways data and the culture of transfer. At the end of the event, many of our partners indicated that they found the discussions extremely helpful, and liked the idea of continuing these conversations in a more formalized way. In response, we have created the Transfer Advisor Group, which will bring together these individuals to have an on-going dialogue on student mobility, with a focus on best practices.

The initial meeting will be held in Toronto on October 30, 2017. This full day meeting will include discussions on how to maintain a student focus at a busy institution, a review of the institutional profiles, and the initial development of a terms of reference for the group.

The second meeting will be held in December 2017, with a focus on the characteristics of a successful pathway, and the how to collect data to support student mobility.

In order to ensure the success of this committee, we are looking for your assistance in identifying one representative from your institution who works directly with transfer students, and who has a role in advising, particularly with respect to pathways.

Please send an email to by Wednesday, October 11, indicating who will be attending from your institution. Additionally, ONCAT is pleased to support their attendance by covering travel and accommodation costs (please review details in the ONCAT Reimbursement Policy).

We look forward to hearing from your institution at the inaugural meeting on October 30th in Toronto, and to continuing the conversation on collaboration and student mobility, among colleges and universities.


Alana Wiens
Policy and Programs Director
Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer ONCAT