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Credit Transfer Student Research RFP 2017-18

September 11, 2017

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2017


ONCAT is soliciting proposals from experienced and qualified proponents to develop interrelated surveys pertaining to the experiences of credit transfer students in Ontario at different stages of the transfer process.

With this in mind, ONCAT is seeking to:

  1. Enhance the understanding of transfer students’ experiences within Ontario, including reasons for transfer, how students are transferring, what services they are using, and so on.
  2. Document the impact of transfer and improved efficiencies in the transfer process.
  3. Build a platform for student perspectives and concerns about transfer, which can then be shared with a wide range of institutional stakeholders.
  4. Identify and address gaps in the system.
  5. Better understand students’ awareness of transfer opportunities in order to improve communications.
  6. Promote and make available the research findings to its members and stakeholders.


ONCAT, working in conjunction with Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD), is establishing key data points for credit transfer in the province, one of which is how satisfied students are with their transfer experience.

ONCAT has conducted student experience research for the past two (2) years resulting in annual reports. Continuity with this work will be integral for expanding credit transfer data.

In addition to establishing and allowing for future comparisons of this data point, the surveys will generate key information about students’ experiences of credit transfer, which will lead to practical recommendations on how to improve transfer processes in the province.

As a member organization, the selected proponent will be working closely with ONCAT and with a working group of partners.

Submission Process

Proponents are required to submit one (1) electronic copy of their proposal to:

ONCAT will accept Proposals on or before the closing date and time of Friday, September 1, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. (Local Time)

Proposals shall be irrevocable for any reason for a period of not less than sixty (60) calendar days following the closing date.

All Proposals submitted to ONCAT under this Bid Document become the property of ONCAT. Selected finalists will be asked to interview in person in Toronto.