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Transferability Expectations and Realities: Analysis of Incoming Centennial College Learner Expectations, Realities and Self-Adjusted Perceptions

January 2016

Authors: Sean Woodhead, Rachel Oh (Centennial College)

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Executive Summary

Ontario has been decisive in driving recognition of prior learning, and so it is appropriate to better understand institutional responses to this direction. This report summarizes the current state of credit transfer and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition, collectively referred to as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), at Centennial College. The topic of Ontario RPL is particularly important in light of an increasing number of students accessing credit transfer pathways, as well as continued use of course-to-course transfer credit and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) applications. Examining the RPL mechanism through the student experience lens is important. While institutions will mindfully and with purpose create, sometimes, robust information dissemination and support systems, occasionally such systems fail to adequately serve those for which it was intended. Using expectation-reality gaps as a barometer of student experience helps Centennial College on two fronts: 1) front end information dissemination and expectation management, and 2) back end support services.


  • Program pathways, course transfer, and prior learning