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Prior Learning Assessment in Ontario: an Online Scan of PLAR information for Ontario's 24 Publicly Funded Colleges

January 2022

Authors: Rod Missaghian (ONCAT)

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Executive Summary

This data was collected by the research team at ONCAT. The goal of the project was to provide a sector-wide view of available online PLAR information found within Ontario’s publicly funded colleges.

This scan was conducted in the summer of 2021, with updates made as recently as November 2021. Please be aware that the data found on this page may not be representative of all institutional processes for PLAR, only what the researcher was able to find through a comprehensive online scan. This information is not meant to replace direct information which can be gained through contacting your postsecondary institution directly.

The categories chosen for each institution’s PLAR webpage scan are not an exhaustive list of important information available for PLAR applicants on institutional websites, but a selection of categories which have been identified in past research (see Harrison, 2018; Wihak, 2007). In most cases, applicable information for each category was cut and pasted from the institutions' webpages. Some liberties were taken when descriptions were too long, or needed to be shortened, or reformatted. Ultimately, the information contained is verbatim taken from institutional webpages, policy documents or transfer guides (when web page information was not available).


  • Program pathways, course transfer, and prior learning