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Shifting the Landscape: A Framework for Creating Pathways in Indigenous Education

January 2017

Affiliations: Confederation College, Centre for Policy and Research in Indigenous Learning, Trent University, First Nations Technical Institute

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Executive Summary

This document emerged from the partnership of three postsecondary institutions: a college (Confederation), a university (Trent), and an Indigenous Institute (First Nations Technical Institute). Each of these three schools has been recognized for its leadership in postsecondary Indigenous education. Drawing from this collective experience, representatives of the partner institutions came together to engage in research that could inform the present and future of Indigenous education. They formed a project team (“the Team”) that would guide and direct the Framework Project.
The Team developed a questionnaire which would form the basis of focus groups and key informant interviews. They consulted with a broad mix of respondents from participant institutions and organizations, pursuing structured conversation to answer the following questions:

  • What are the needs of learners in Indigenous studies?
  • What is the place or position of Indigenous studies programming in Ontario's postsecondary learning environments?
  • Does such programming, where it exists, meet learner needs?
  • Are there pathways across Indigenous Studies programs that are meeting identified needs?
  • How, if those needs are not being met, can institutions create new and better pathways?


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