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Indigenous Institutes Credential Recognition

January 2019

Affiliations: Six Nations Polytechnic

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Executive Summary

Responding to barriers to educational mobility experienced by Indigenous graduates, Six Nations Polytechnic proposed to assess the recognition of its Bachelor of Arts programming and identify possible parity-catalyzing measures both internally and externally. The primary goals of the project were: 

  • Understanding the transfer experiences of  Bachelor of Arts degree in Ogwehoweh Languages (BAOL) students by exploring and analyzing the specific hurdles to mobility they face;  
  • Documenting the lapses and lacunae in existing credit transfer pathways out of the BAOL program;  
  • Enhanced understanding of the Indigenous Institutes' sector among Ontario universities and colleges, necessary to facilitate recognition of the credentials these postsecondary bodies are empowered to grant; and 
  • Identification of possible internal supports and external tools that could reduce disparities in the current credit transfer system (including possible changes to BAOL curriculum) 


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