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Non-Linear Postsecondary Education Pathways and Credential Accumulation Across Canadian Provinces

January 2024

Authors: Xavier St-Denis and Claudia Nono Djomgang (Insitut national de la recherche scientifique)

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Executive Summary

This report presents results from the second phase of a project on non-linear PSE pathways and credential accumulations. In the first phase, we presented results for Canada overall and for Ontario which show that the level of the first completed credential is significantly related to the level of the highest credential to ever be obtained (St-Denis et al., 2021). In both Canada overall and Ontario specifically, we found that individuals who started postsecondary education (PSE) at a level below a bachelor’s degree are less likely to complete a second credential (at any level) in comparison with individuals who graduate from a bachelor’s degree as their first credential. In particular, they are less likely to ever complete a bachelor’s program and a graduate or professional degree as their second or third credential.


  • Student decisions, experiences, and outcomes