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University to College Pathway for Students Not Meeting Academic Progression Requirements in Administrative Studies

March 2016

Authors: Henry Decock, Karen Murkar, Kim Michasiw, Julie Parna (York University)

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Executive Summary

Building on their long standing relationship, York University and Seneca College developed a redirect pathway for struggling administrative studies degree students. Administrative studies students who have been required to withdraw from York University will be given the opportunity to complete an Accounting Diploma at Seneca College, where upon successful graduation they will be able to transition back into York University through the summer bridge program to finish the degree in which they began. The project is premised upon university students desire to complete a credential in the field but whose learning needs and style may be better suited in the college environment. For both York and Seneca, the project represents a collective effort to increase student retention in post-secondary education and whose processes serve as a model for other high affinity programs between regional institutions. 

Success of this initiative will be dependent on the quality of advising. Identified personnel at York University will meet with students at the end of the first year to discuss this option. Students wanting to avail themselves of the possibility will be directed to a specific academic advisor in the Accounting program at Seneca College who will be able to map out a plan for completion. An admissions person specializing in articulation agreements will process the intake and generate an immediate acceptance. Redirection into Seneca and transition back to York will be completed internally between institutions and the students will not be required to navigate through the respective central application services. 

It is expected the redirected students will receive some transfer credit at Seneca for their completed courses, thereby allowing for an individualized course schedule to expedite a return to York University. With multiple intakes each year, the Accounting program is particularly suited for this initiative and students will be able to enroll in any course they require, even ones which would reduce the existing bridge requirement necessary to re-enter York at year three of their original degree program. 

Based on the number of students who meet the minimum criteria of successfully completing 6.0 credits at York University in the Administrative studies program, it is expected there will sufficient numbers to make the project viable. Representatives from Seneca and York will meet annually to review and adjust where necessary to ensure the seamlessness of the student movement. The parties have committed to internal communications to help make the program attractive, including informing all Accounting students of the Bridge program developed by York University for an earlier ONCAT funded project. This initiative will also be part of an anticipated multi-institutional research project on redirection tracking and mechanisms in the province of Ontario.