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ONCAT DataPilot Report: Trent University

August 2022

Authors: Rod Missaghian, Henrique Hon (ONCAT)

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Executive Summary

ONCAT launched the DataPilot initiative in 2020 to help postsecondary institutions gather transfer student enrolment data to assist them in learning more about this unique segment of their student population. In phase one, ONCAT staff help institutions collect and categorize these data, as well as provide high-level analyses. In phase two, institutions collect and submit the same data points on direct-entry students, and ONCAT provides deeper analyses that compare indicators and outcomes between transfer and direct-entry students. Institutions also have the option of working with ONCAT to publish a public facing report of the findings. This collaborative report highlights several positive outcomes for transfer students at Trent. In addition to the high proportion of transfer students they enrol each year, Trent has developed a very effective transfer process with several key ingredients: strong leadership, information management systems that allow administrators to identify credit equivalencies easily, and strong supports and recruitment practices for transfer students.


  • Program pathways, course transfer, and prior learning
  • Transfer assessment, application, and administration
  • Public policy