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ONCAT general information

Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer
180 Dundas Street West
Suite 1902
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z8

Tel: 416-640-6951
Fax: 416-640-6959
Email: info@oncat.ca


Lia Quickert, Executive Director - Interim 

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Director

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x305
Email: lquickert@oncat.ca

Alana Wiens, Policy and Programs Director

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x321
Email: awiens@oncat.ca

Shauna Love, Operations Director

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x302
Email: slove@oncat.ca

Samson Kahiya, Operations Director Acting

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x302
Email: skahiya@oncat.ca

Lena Balata, Project Officer

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x303
Email: lbalata@oncat.ca

Rose Chan, ONTransfer.ca Manager

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x310
Email: rchan@oncat.ca

Melinda Cheng, Special Project Assistant – Data Projects

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x308
Email: mcheng@oncat.ca

Sonia Chwalek, Communications and Events Coordinator

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x307
Email: schwalek@oncat.ca

Nicole Fallon, Project Lead

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x311
Email: nfallon@oncat.ca

Amy Oziel, Operations Coordinator

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x319
Email: aoziel@oncat.ca

Rebecca Roibas, Project Officer

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x304
Email: rroibas@oncat.ca

Sarah Fuchs, Senior Policy Analyst - Acting

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x306
Email: sfuchs@oncat.ca

Eloise Tan, Senior Policy Analyst - On Leave

Tel: (416) 640-6951
Email: etan@oncat.ca

Peter Ssekiziyivu, Manager Finance

Tel: (416) 640-6951 x313, C: (647) 520-4539
Email: accounting@oncat.ca
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