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ONCAT Project Requests for Proposals (RFPs) 2018-19

TORONTO, Nov 5, 2018 – The Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) has issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for new projects in postsecondary Innovative Transfer, Pathway Development, and Research on credit transfer in the province of Ontario. Submission deadline extended: December 17, 2018, 11:59pm.


Is there an area of student mobility that is not receiving adequate attention that if unlocked could lead to widespread positive change for transfer students, postsecondary institutions, and/or the transfer system as a whole? What innovation is needed to make this happen? This stream supports:

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ONCAT is seeking proposals for postsecondary pathway development projects that develop and implement strategies to enhance student mobility, expand opportunities for students to transfer, and increase postsecondary collaboration in order to contribute to the ongoing development of a more seamless postsecondary education system in Ontario.

The objective of this stream is to create formalized transfer pathways where they may not currently exist, but where there is clear interest and need expressed by students, and to increase transfer pathways for underrepresented students. This stream supports projects that result in one or more of the following:


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ONCAT is seeking proposals for research projects that will advance knowledge and understanding of the current state of student mobility and credit transfer. Priority areas for projects are as follows:

The objective of this stream is to generate knowledge that can directly inform policies, pathways, and institutional practices related to student mobility and transfer in Ontario. This includes practical applications for developing stronger cultures of mobility within postsecondary institutions and/or contributing to greater understanding of system-wide issues that impact mobility. This stream supports projects that address knowledge gaps in:


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Who Can Apply

*Note: for Pathway projects Non-for-Profit organizations are not eligible to apply, and applications must be collaborative and consist of a lead applicant and partner(s) who have already confirmed participation.

Funding Available

Ineligible for Funding


How to Apply

Proposals are accepted through an online application portal you can access here: https://oncatapplication.smapply.io/. The deadline to apply is December 10th 2018, by 11:59pm. Please leave yourself enough time to transfer your responses to the online portal and ensure all the required documents are uploaded.

Overview of Application Questions & Submission Requirements

Project RFP Application Overview


ONCAT hosted a number of live webinars, to discuss the Project RFP process and answer any questions. Click here to view a recording of the webinars.

Working Together: Reports and Check-ins

ONCAT is committed to learning with its partners and values open and ongoing communication. If you are successful in receiving a grant, the following check-ins and reporting will be required:

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