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Credit transfer in Ontario

Transfer among the colleges and universities in Ontario’s postsecondary system continues to evolve from an ad hoc system of agreements to a formal policy vision articulated by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in February 2011.

Ontario postsecondary institutions share the desire to be responsive to the needs of students, and have identified articulation and credit transfer as an area of priority. As a member organization, ONCAT provides leadership in the development of credit transfer policies and practices in Ontario and supports colleges and universities in developing additional pathways for credit transfer.

Connecting students to transfer opportunities

ontransfer.ca by oncat

ONCAT manages ONTransfer.ca, the key resource for students interested in transferring among Ontario’s colleges and universities. The site is designed to be the most current source of information about credit transfer in Ontario, and boasts more than 600 student transfer pathways.

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