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2017/18 Request for Expressions of Interest
ONCAT Faculty Fellows—Pilot Project
Submission deadline: August 18, 2017

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ONCAT proposes to fund Faculty Fellows in a small number of pilot institutions to address the areas of student mobility and transfer. A Faculty Fellows program approach has been used in other jurisdictions to increase recognition and participation in areas such as teaching and learning.

ONCAT hopes to work with Faculty Fellows in three main areas: raising the profile of transfer and transfer students in their department/institution; improving faculty processes related to evaluating transfer credits and working with transfer students; and sharing emerging models of successful student mobility initiatives.

Faculty Fellows could engage in a number of activities, including holding workshops for their colleagues on topics such as faculty roles in the transfer process; transfer agreements and processes that are already in place at the institution; and current trends in transfer that may affect their department and/or institution. Most importantly, those faculty members who participate in the Pilot Project will have the chance to help lay the groundwork for future Faculty Fellows, should the pilot phase be successful.

Faculty Fellows for the pilot will be selected in fall 2017. During the fall, ONCAT will work with the Fellows to help refine their individual plans for faculty engagement and promotion of credit transfer and student mobility. Initiatives should be carried out in January–April 2018, with an expectation that the Fellows will each submit a report and jointly present their work at the ONCAT Student Pathways Conference, April 16–17, 2018.


Established in 2011, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) was created to enhance mobility by reducing barriers for students looking to transfer among Ontario’s 45 publicly assisted postsecondary institutions. As a member organization, ONCAT works with colleges and universities to develop transfer credit policies and practices to ease student mobility while also respecting institutional responsibility for academic integrity.

The provincial government of Ontario’s vision for credit transfer is as follows:

Ontario will have a comprehensive, transparent and consistently applied credit transfer system that will improve student pathways and mobility, support student success and make Ontario a postsecondary education destination of choice. The credit transfer system will assist qualified students to move between postsecondary institutions or programs without repeating prior, relevant learning.

The government believes realizing this vision will make it easier for students to navigate the postsecondary education system, to reach their preferred educational destination faster, and to enter or re‐enter the labour market sooner.

In the short time since ONCAT’s inception, we have achieved tangible results ― from collecting the first set of data on Ontario credit transfer students to ensuring the transparency of transfer policies. We have also vastly increased the number of student pathways through supporting almost 150 pathway development projects. Together, these projects cover a broad range of high-demand programs such as business, environmental studies, computer science, and community and social services, in all directions of transfer including diploma-to-degree, diploma-to-diploma, apprenticeship-to-diploma, degree-to-diploma, and degree-to-degree. We have also funded concurrent research projects that have led to a greater understanding of both the student and the institutional experiences of transfer.

REOI Submission Criteria

Proposals should outline a clear plan for engaging and sharing information with faculty members in order to increase the awareness and profile of credit transfer and student mobility among their colleagues, as outlined above. As mentioned, initiatives should be planned for January–April 2018, with an expectation that the Fellows will each submit a final report and jointly present their work at the ONCAT Student Pathways Conference, April 16–17, 2018.

REOI Budgets and Timelines

The institution for each successful Faculty Fellow candidate will receive $10,000, to be paid in two installments. This funding is intended as a course release for the Faculty Fellow (exclusive of benefits) as well as incidental costs related to the planned events. The Fellow will be employed by their institution and will not be an employee of ONCAT. A contract will be signed between the institution and ONCAT.

The work of the Faculty Fellows should be carried out in January–April 2018 and should be scheduled for completion, including submission of a final report to ONCAT, by May 31, 2018.


Proponents should be prepared to submit the following to ONCAT as part of their project deliverables:

Proposal submission process
Submission deadline: August 18, 2017

Submissions should include the following components:

  1. A 1–2 page proposal using the Proposal Submission Form below, and
  2. A completed institutional sign-off page, including signatures from the faculty member, their department head, and the institution’s Vice-President Academic.

Please submit the above documents by email to: policyandprograms@oncat.ca. Hard copies are not required.

Proposal Evaluation Process

Your proposal will be reviewed by the ONCAT staff. In general, proposals will be evaluated according to their:

After the initial review, we may follow-up with proponents to address any questions that have arisen during our review. Your prompt response is appreciated to expedite the review process. Once any questions are addressed and a decision has been made, you will be notified via email. We aim to arrive at final decisions on most proposals by October 1, 2017.

Successful Proponents

Successful proponents will be expected to enter into a formal agreement with ONCAT, which will outline the terms and conditions of funding, specifying the project goals, timelines, and expected outcomes.


If you have questions about this REOI or require additional details, please contact Nicole Fallon, Project Lead, at 416-640-6951 ext. 311 (or nfallon@oncat.ca) OR Alana Wiens, Operations Director, at 416-640-6951 ext. 302 (or awiens@oncat.ca).

2017/18 Request for Expressions of Interest
ONCAT Faculty Fellows—Pilot Project
Proposal Submission Form
Submission deadline: August 18, 2017

Details of Faculty Fellow Proponent

Proposed Work Plan

[In this section, please provide an outline of the proposed work plan (maximum 1–2 pages). The plan should include proposed activities to engage faculty for the purposes of increasing the awareness and profile of credit transfer and student mobility, a detailed timeline, and budget for the $10,000 funding (including course release cost and other incidentals related to the proposed activities).]

2017/18 Request for Expressions of Interest
ONCAT Faculty Fellows—Pilot Project
Submission Form Signature Page
Submission deadline: August 18, 2017

Faculty Fellow Proponent

Department Head

Vice-President Academic

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