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ONCAT launches new Course-to-Course Transfer Guide

Transferring credits is now easier for Ontario postsecondary students

TORONTO, January 21, 2014 — Yesterday, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) launched its new Course-to-Course Transfer Guide, making it easier for postsecondary students to transfer their credits in the province.

"The new Course-to-Course Transfer Guide allows students the ability to enter their transcript information, such as course codes or course descriptions, and see how their credits will be recognized at other institutions," said Glenn Craney, Executive Director of ONCAT. "For the first time ever in the province, students can determine what credit they can expect to receive from institutions prior to applying."

The transfer guide can be found at ONTransfer.ca, ONCAT's student-focused website. At present, 35 colleges and universities will be participating in the two-phase launch, with the remainder expressing interest in joining in due course.

"The new Course-to-Course Transfer Guide highlights the commitment of institutions to create positive change for students," said Dominic Giroux, Co-Chair of ONCAT's Board and President & Vice-Chancellor of Laurentian University.

The transfer guide was initiated at the request of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in 2012 as a means to simplify and enhance the credit transfer system for students, colleges and universities. Since then, ONCAT has been working with its members, Ontario's 44 publicly funded postsecondary institutions, on its implementation.

"As someone who has been involved in the credit transfer discussions for a long period of time, I have seen firsthand how institutional collaboration is transforming the culture of credit transfer in Ontario," said Don Lovisa, Co-Chair of ONCAT's Board and President of Durham College. "I am proud to be a part of ONCAT, the only organization in Ontario that brings together all colleges and universities to achieve a common goal to improve student mobility."

In 2011, ONCAT was created as part of a 5-year, $73.7 million commitment from the province to support institutions in developing the infrastructure required to promote student mobility. "We thank the Ontario government for recognizing the potential of an efficient and effective credit transfer system," said Craney.

Under ONCAT's leadership, postsecondary institutions have increased the number of pathways for students from 250 to more than 600. These pathways create an exponentially greater number of transfer possibilities, leading to more than 35,000 opportunities for students. ONCAT is also helping to facilitate a made in Ontario set of best practices in credit transfer policies.

"As a sector, we are developing a truly comprehensive credit transfer system in Ontario, one that will provide maximum benefit to students," said Giroux.

Quick Facts:

Established in 2011, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) was created to enhance academic pathways and reduce barriers for students looking to transfer among Ontario's 44 publicly funded colleges and universities. As a member organization, it works with those institutions to develop transfer credit policies and practices to ease student mobility. ONCAT is the only organization in Ontario that brings together all members of the postsecondary education sector.

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